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IPOB: Biafran Women Group Shake United Kingdom (photos)

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The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) are in no doubt making Igbo people in Nigeria proud as their women under the ages of Biafran Women Group UK held a successful meeting.

Group pictures in circulation on social media have left members of the group with strong to believe that their quest for the restoration of Biafra nation is becoming a reality.

Reacting to the pictures is Emeka Gift, the group’s media front, said Biafra is gradually possessing its rightful possession adding that Nigeria is “dissipating”

In a post on his page on Sunday, Emeka most occasions held by Igbos is Diaspora no longer include the word Nigeria instead Biafra said all about Nigeria is gradually fading off.

He revealed that if Nigerian government will expect IPOB to pick arms for Biafra restoration, it will be waiting in vain, urged everyone to be a good ambassador of your native country anywhere you reside maintained that intellectually, Nigeria will sink soon.

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