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Igboman wishing bad to Igbo presidential candidate be reminded of civil War – Journalist (Video)

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Osani Rufai, Hope Uzodinma, David Umahi Photo/Edited


Mr. Oseni Rufai, the Arise Television journalist has lambasted a set of Igbo-Nigerians who are fond of backbiting and the downfall of their fellow Igbo man.

A sighted viral video contained the remark of Rufai during one of his recent TV programmes.

His comment is coming at a time the presidential bid of Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s candidate is receiving a backlash from the majority of prominent Nigerians mainly of Southern extraction.

Appearing disappointed, curious, and irritated, the TV anchor left his viewers in a surprising mood as attempted to take a political stand.

Mr. Rufai, however, dropped a message for these set of people, noting they should be reminded of what led to the civil war and what the Igbos passed through.

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In his words: “For Igboman that says Igbo presidency is not attainable we should also remind him that his kinsmen died in the civil war.

“And if he says his kinsmen that died have no right to presidency then he’s saying that those that died during the civil war probably died in vain.

He further blamed poor knowledge of history on the Nigerian government for halting the teaching of history in schools.

“We forget that the marginalization complained about in the civil war is still the marginalization happening today.

“We forget that it has taken over forty years to complete the second Niger Bridge.

“We forget that rail has been done in other parts of the country but no railway has been done in Igboland. Video


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