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Igbo man is the most intelligent black African but lacks in centralized leadership – Omokri

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Pastor Reno Omokri has blasted South East governors over lack of vision for the people they are representing.

Referencing I stances, Omokri noted that recent moves by northern leaders to have secured a roundtable meeting with South West leaders amid quit notice to evict Fulani settlers in the Western region.

He encourages Southeast leaders to emulate the northern counterparts in protecting their people mainly on the occasion of serious life threatening issues.

“Dear Igbo Leaders,

Do you see how Northern leaders made serious noise for herdsmen, and how their noise instigated a meeting between Southwest Governors and Miyetti Allah?

“That is how you should have shouted when Kano Hisbah destroyed Igbo people’s hotels on the excuse that they sold alcohol. People can only do to you what you tolerate”

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Reacting further, the former media aide pointed out that the Igbos are probably the most intelligent black Africans going by WAEC results records but the leaders are lacking in ‘centralised leadership’.

“The Yoruba and the North are more united under a central leadership than the Igbo. And that is why power shifts between the North and the Southwest like a relay race.

“The Igbo man is probably the most intelligent Black African. Check out WAEC/NECO results. The top states are always either Anambra or Imo. But he is lacking in centralised leadership. An Anambra man named Ebele, may refuse to work with an Imo man named Ebere”

The inability to give in individual interest for all, Omokri remarked, is what has affected virtually Igbos ‘political and economic influence’.

He recommended until average Igbo man decides to work together for good of all same ugly experience will keep repeating

“The Igbo are all too often unwilling to surrender individual interests for group interests, and this inability dissipates their political and economic influence.

“And until they learn to work with their brother, even if they do not like him, they will continue to serve others who have that ability”

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