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Igbo born Billionaire threatens to buy Nigeria (Video)

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The question of missing love amongst Igbos has triggered much concern from different personalities in the South East and a Business Mogul, His Excellency, Mazi Iwedinaobi wades into the continued controversy.

Recently, a wealthy Igbo man, Arthur Eze was credited a statement that Igbos do not love themselves, explained how it had added to underdevelopment affecting the region.

The Igbo born Billionaire made the remarks while debunking claims that Northerners have hatred for Igbo people following the 2023 presidential election.

Speaking with Journalists sometimes in July, Eze revealed it was never an Igbo man who helped him in the oil business, said it was people from the North who never mind where he came from,

“I went to the north, they didn’t know who I was. They gave me $12 million for the construction of Kano TV in 1980. I didn’t have one naira then. It was the same thing in Katsina, Borno, and Kaduna. Then, they put me in the oil business.

Iwedinaobi, who was addressing AMTV journalist in a video made available to SCANNEWS24 urged the general public to debunk the assertion that Igbos do not love themselves.

To drive home his point, he said though the majority of the Igbos do not belong to the political class yet they are doing well at their individual places.

The Gojack Director noted that Igbos are business-minded and are helping themselves through it.

He claimed those who seized political power to themselves do not love themselves, adding that 70 percent of their children roam on the streets begging for alms while Igbo wealthy men link their younger ones in business across the globe.

In his words: “You go to every kindred in Igboland you see billionaires everywhere, you see buildings everywhere, we don’t need government.

“We build road by ourselves, give water by ourselves. In fact, we can buy government with our money. And somebody will tell you Igbos don’t love themselves that is a lie.

“In case you don’t know, the person who established me is Omekannaya, Chief Cletus Ibeto, he’s my Uncle.

“He established, trained me, and taught me business and gave me money and made me a ‘bastard billionaire. If I’m angry today, I can buy Nigeria.

“So, if someone comes now to tell you Igbos don’t love themselves then how else can you define love.

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