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If Canada were to be Nigeria I wouldn’t have won as Minister of Justice – Barr Kelechi

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The just inaugurated Canadian Minister of Justice Kelechi ‘Kaycee’ Madu has urged the Nigerian government to shun the present system of governance filled with nepotism, ‘God Fatherism’, and corruption.

The Nigerian born Lawyer speaking with the British Broadcasting Cooperation, BBC in a video made available to SCANNEWS24 said the only way to meet Nigeria’s primary in governance is to practice meritocracy.

Madu, who revealed his primary and secondary school educations were in Nigeria before traveling to Canada with his wife, said the present government of President Mohammadu Buhari can seek for assistance from him in achieving globally acceptable governance.

Speaking further with BBC Igbo, Madu who hails from Okirika Mbaise, Imo State noted that he willing to help Nigeria progress from its present state to government free of nepotism.

He narrated that his victory was triggered due to rising issues of racism between the blacks and whites in the country, adding that his office will be privileged to continue ‘BlackLivesMatters’ protests and other related cases.

He said if it were to be in Nigeria no one could give him support to had assumed his present office unless he has a connection, belongs to a particular recognized political party, or region.

He, however, advised Nigeria to accept merits in electing their public office holders in order to reach its God-given potentials.


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