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“I Wish Gadhafi and Mugabe were Alive” Paul Kagame

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The President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame has expressed worries over the demise of dual then African Presidents, Muhamed Gadaffi and Robert Mugabe pointing towards their influence in the African continent while alive.

Kagame made remarks about both former presidents during his call to leaders within the black continent to give support and encourage Madagascar in their efforts to produce dependable herbal medicine for COVID-19.

World Heart Organization, WHO had warned Africans on readiness to patronizing the African made herbs to cure Coronavirus.

Reacting, the Rwandan President called on Africans to be united and strong in defending Africa.

He urged to give Mr Andry Ra Joelina necessary support in ensuring Africa have a dependable medicine for COVID-19.

The outspoken President, however, regretted the presence of both Gaddafi and Mugabe in moments as such but maintain that Africa has all it takes to fight to defeat the Goliath.

“No one from foreign countries will ever rule or control Africa! We’re united and strong as one!

“We will defend our people and our continent Africa! We are not cheap to be corrupted by WHO or evil people!

“Let’s support our brother Mr Andry Ra Joelina the president of Madagascar in ensuring that the African Herbal medicine becomes the cure for Coronavirus in Africa!

“We will continue depending on GOD and support our African medicine!

“It’s like you are looking for war! I wish Muhamad Gadaffi and Mr Mugabe were alive! But we still have enough manpower to fight on and defeat the Goliath and kill it!

“WHO must be careful and watch out!”

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