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I Want Referendum – Lawyer

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Amid the unabated situation befalling Nigeria more notable personalities are adding voices to call for a referendum hence many would want to maintain the coexistence of the country.

Since the disturbing situation in Nigeria a good number of the citizens, including the past president, Goodluck Jonathan believe restructuring would solve the alarming challenges – insecurity, economic crisis, exploding population, hunger, unemployment, and poor education system, etc.

Outside the regional call for total dismemberment, both the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and Oduduwa Nation agitators seek a referendum to opt-out from the 1914 amalgamation that joined over a hundred ethnic groups against, religious and cultural values.

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However, a Nigerian-based lawyer, Malcolm Omirhobo wants the referendum organized than the continued elections that have not ushered any remedy for good governance, quality leaders and leadership, and the pressing needs of the people.

Based on his tweet on Wednesday, Omirhobo noted: “I want a referendum but majority of Nigerians wants elections. I have made several calls to no avail.

He believes despite the pending general election his demand would be met in the nearest future: “I am moving with the tide hoping that we shall have the referendum in no distant time.

“I pray that it will not come after the unwarranted destruction of lives and properties.

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