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I swear by my father’s grave Nigeria will disintegrate in six months – SAN (Video)

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Following a statement accredited by the Department of State Security, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Robert Clerke has taken a different position reveals pending damage posed to the country.

During a teleconference chat with Channels Television on Sunday, Clarke who was born to British Parent, warned the federal government on using force against the citizens.

DSS had earlier revealed a move to clamp down on those claimed are inciting for division of the country.

This is coming days after Rev Father Ejike Mbaka advised President Buhari to resign regarding the disturbing insecurity problems facing the country.

The Reverend Father noted that God directed him to speak against him (Buhari) just as he supported him in 2015.

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Reacting, Clerke warned that if Nigeria continues as it appears presently it would disintegrate within a space of six months.

He noted that the security agents are doing nothing to tackle safety problems than talking too much, adding that the problems experiencing in the country were created by the same politicians still in power.

He advised to ignore the warning by the DSS, asked to split the country into six, make Buhari the military head while the state takes charge of the police.

He compared the 1982 government of Shagari delivered better governance than today’s leaders. He added that what is ongoing in the southeast is better described as war due to leadership failure.

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