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I Don’t Know Where I Got It Wrong Why Police Wants To Kill Me – Ejiofor Narrates (full text, video)

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Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s lawyer, Ifeanyi Ejiofor has spoken from his hiding abode, gave a first-hand account of what transpired in his house between him, members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and Nigeria Police Officers barely a few hours after he was declared wanted by Anambra state command

Barrister Ejiofor’s disappearance became obvious after joint security operatives allegedly invaded his house in Ifite Oraifite in Ekwusigo Local Government Area Anambra State,  leaving four members of IPOB dead.

In what later turned to a clash, two officers of the Nigeria Police, ACP Oliver Abbey, Area Commander, Oraifite and ASP Joseph Akubo, attached to Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) were gunned down, burnt along with their patrol van.

John Abang, the Commissioner of Police in the state,  announced on Tuesday while speaking with some journalists in Awka, the capital.

In his word: “I’ll like Nigerians to know that Barrister Ifeanyi Ejiofor (a member of the proscribed IPOB) has been declared wanted.

“I’ll seek the cooperation of law-abiding Nigerians, East, West, North and South that wherever they find this individual, they should report to the nearest police station for possible arrest and prosecution based on the rules and laws of Nigeria.”

Ejiofor in a viral video has briefed on what, actually happened on Monday.

On the contrary to what he described as “False Narrative” by the police, Ejiofor said he got a call by 8-9 PM on Sunday 1 December 2019 from the state’s police command DPO to avail himself to the station and no message was dropped with him.

Morning of the following day, he also got a call from his elder brother Barrister Emeka Ejiofor, that police invaded his promises led by the area commander. He returned the call to the command to know why the police presence in his home and he was told it was to arrest one of a family member who participated in community conflict. He appealed to reach the station when he returned probably around 10 AM on Monday.

The DPO rejected his appeal and maintained he get to the station immediately emphasized that time is of the essence. Ejiofor said he became worried coupled with the stress he passed through during his brother’s burial whom he returned since 24 November 2019 to prepare his final rest. He said between when he returned village for the burial till the Sunday the family went to church, he never had any issues with anybody.

As at 10 AM of the Monday he was prepared to see the Police command, he decided to stop over at his uncle’s residence who was supposed to accompany him, they were both on their way to the station when he received a call of the invasion in his house, said he was the target.

The police opened fire at all living objects in his home. Regards the development, he decided to restrain from the movement to wait for some time till when the attack is over.

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Good afternoon everybody! It is with deep sense of grieve that I wish to address the world on the carnage that took place in my house on Monday 2nd December 2019, at Ifite-Oraifite in Ekwusigo Local Government Area of Anambra State.

Particularly, in regards to safety concerns, I will be fine by my fans, friends, colleagues, well-wishers and members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), who I am representing in all capacity. And also to address the first narrative being penned by the Nigerian Police in Anambra State on the incident of yesterday.

It has become compelling that I narrate to the world what transpired in my house and how it all started. On Sunday, being the 1st day of December 2019, at about 8-9pm, I was called by the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) of Oraifite Police Station. He never passed any message to me. Then in the morning of Monday 2nd December 2019, at about 6am, I got a call from my elder brother, Evangelist Emeka Ejiofor, that the Nigerian police had invaded my premises, led by the Area Commander himself. So I requested to speak with the Area Commander and the request was obliged. The conversation was fairly recorded. I requested to know why they were in my house because at the time in question, I was not around.

So he said that they came for one of my wards who participated in a local conflict and demanded to see me, but I told him that I was out to somewhere and will be back by probably around 10:30 to11am. And that when I come back, I will come to the station to see him and find out what really transpired and why he was in my house. So he said ok that he will grant me that request but he emphasized that time is of essence and I should keep to it.

So I became worried because I had no issues with anybody. I never stepped out of my house. I have been indoors, receiving visitors and sympathizers from all works of life.

So when I came back around 10 O’clock in the morning, I briefly had a discussion with my mother whom I told that I was going to see the Area Commander to find out why they were in my house.

But on a second thought, I decided to go and see my uncle who will accompany me in that movement. So I had already left my house to my uncle’s place where I would pick him. And that served as a saving grace to the carnage and disaster because the target was me. So we were on our way going to the Area Commander’s office, taking Ama conventional road, when I got a call from my younger brother that policemen where in my house and they had opened fire on all living objects in my home including all persons in my house.

So I was like: somebody came to my house at about 6:00am, I had a discussion with him on issues I know nothing about and I promised him as a lawyer well respected, that I was going to be in his office at about 10:00am to11:00am. What then that was taking place in my house took me by surprise.

Therefore, I decided to observe. So I restricted myself from that movement and waited till I was further briefed on what was going on.

Then as the carnage proceeded, my brother kept on furnishing me with the developments. And after about two minutes of our discussion, he told me that about four persons had been gunned down in my premises and the entire household set ablaze by the police.

So I said, what happened? What is actually going on? Because I was confused. Police came to my house, opened fire on everybody in my house, set the house ablaze, set the houses of the neighbors ablaze, what have I done to deserve this kind of treatment? So I decided to take refuge within the neighborhood. And as the carnage continued, the report kept on filtering in as to the atrocities they were committing in my house, including raping people around the area.

So in the end, they took away the corpses (dead bodies) of the people they killed in my house, put them in their own van to a place called Nkwo-Oraifite market, along Onitsha/Owerri expressway and burnt all of them in their vehicle and left. So that is all that transpired that I know I can say at this stage.

However, going forward to when I read the Anambra State Police Command’s report on Monday 2nd December 2019, I was really shocked.

Firstly, The Area Commander came to my house at about 6:00am and I spoke with him on phone afterwards and promised him that I was going to be in his office at about 10:00am or I will be there by 11:00am at most. How come he said somebody lodged a complaint against me at about 11:30am?

Then assuming without conceding to the fact that someone lodged a complaint against me in the case of abduction and all those frivolous offenses, is that sufficient enough to warrant them using force on the people they found in my premises? Firing at random, killing people there and also burning houses?

I am a lawyer with addresses. I have two chambers, one in Abuja and one at Anambra State and I practice. I am a very serious legal practitioner. I go to court almost every day. So I am not going to run away from the police.

However, it is important for me to emphasize that Barrister Ifeanyi Ejiofor has been in more than ten years of unbroken relationship with the police higher ranks. They can attest to that fact at Abuja. They know me as a peaceful man and as a gentleman. I relate with them at all capacity. I do not look for problem. And I am not an enemy of the police. So why should they invade my house? Why should such a thing happen?

However, I was finally informed on investigations that the person behind the carnage in my house is one controversial businessman in Oraifite who has built library and schools in Katsina. That he had an undertaking from the Fulani Caliphate that he is the only one that will see to my killing, no matter any means he want to use. That was their agreement.

Because if their intention for coming to my house was to arrest me, they would not have done anything. They would barely or at worst case scenario, left an invitation letter for me to come to the police station. This is a person that has spoken with the Area Commander in the morning before that ugly incident. They would have left an invitation for me to come to their station. At worst case scenario, they have many ways of getting at me even if I refused to report as asked. As much as I know, I cannot run away from the police because I have committed no offence known to law. But the simple reason is that they are actually interested in getting me out of the way. They are actually interested in killing me because they have seen me as a torn in their flesh because I am defending the members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), and Nnamdi Kanu. Because they saw that any place they arrested any member of IPOB, I will be there to get them out. I have been in all courts with them, in Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Akwa-Ibom, Anambra, Enugu and all other places.

I have been in court with them and I defeated them in virtually all the cases I am doing against them. Because IPOB members are merely exercising their rights as the Constitution provided and so the organization is not a terrorist organization. This terrorist tag on them has been effectively challenged in the court of appeal.

So I do not know where I have got it wrong. Only few days ago, I was told that two members of IPOB were gunned down by the Nigerian Police at Arondiziogu, which case I am preparing to go to before they came to my house.

So I am calling on responsible International Organisations, European Union, United Nations, United States of America, United Kingdom and also Amnesty International, to get involved and investigate the carnage in my house because as I speak to you now, I am homeless. They have burnt down virtually everything.

Furthermore, it is important to clarify that many people were killed in that process. Now I learnt that many people that were running into the houses were burnt down along. So until when an access is given to people who will investigate what transpired in my house, then we can be able to determine the number of people that were actually killed. Because I can assure you that twenty to thirty people have been murdered in my house on the account of this incident. And my mum also was gunned down. She sustained bullet injuries, though she is receiving treatment.

So I do not know the offences I have committed for becoming a lawyer of IPOB. I do not know where I got it wrong. This is a person that has been at home since Sunday 27th of November 2019 till Sunday 1st of December 2019, when we went for the afternoon service.

I am calling on the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), to also intervene. I have already made a contact with the NBA Chairman, Abuja branch, to also take it up because my name is at stake as I speak to you, because their intention is to kill me. Nothing More. So I want this matter to be steadily investigated.

Furthermore, it is important to pass this information to the whole world, that if my house will be attacked and people gunned down in this manner by the Nigerian Police in conjunction with the Military, it shows that there is nobody in the South-East region of Nigeria that is safe from the hands of the security agencies.

It is also important to emphasize that NO POLICE MAN’S CORPSE WAS FOUND IN MY PREMISES. I am supposed to say that because even their vehicle was not found in front of my premises. NO POLICE WAS KILLED. They took the corpses of the people they killed in my house to Onitsha/Owerri expressway, burnt them and also burnt the vehicle.

I am very familiar with the workings of the system by virtue of my relationship with the police.

Thank you very much!

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