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I challenge Adesina To Upload Buhari’s Video At TICAD7, Picture Is Not Enough – Rev. Steve

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Rev Steve Ugochukwu 📷 – Emeka Gift

Rev Steve Ukochukwu 

The energy Mr Femi is putting on ground just to proof Buhari’s presence in Japan is enough reason for some thinkers that indeed there’s something the presidency is covering about the President.

I challenge Mr Femi to upload a live video of the events in Japan.

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Mr Femi has posted different kinds of Photoshop pictures just to establish an invisible fact.

No matter how anybody tries to look at it, there’s something fishy, a secrecy about the personality of the man in Aso rock.

Mr Femi show us photos of the Mr President meeting with the Nigeria Union government in Japan according to you.

Anyways, there is nothing hidden under the sun that cannot be revealed. It’s just a matter time

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