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I can’t give reason Buhari is not wearing a face mask, it’s secret (video)

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The Special Spokesperson to President Mohammadu Buhari has once again declined details on why his Boss has refused to wear a face mask despite championing African combat on COVID-19.

The President’s aide, Femi Adesina said during teleconference chat with Arise News correspondent in the programme, NEWS DAY, shields more light on some bordering issues amongst Nigerians.

Adesina who was requested to apologize to Nigerians regarding his statement that President Buhari can not be controlled by the nose said he maintained his stance and will not retract.

He further restated that the president’s out of touch since the Coronavirus outbreak is his style of government adding that there are other presidents yet to speak to their citizens compare to Buhari who has added addressed thrice.

While emphasizing the lingering issues that Mohammadu Buhari has not showed leadership example in wearing a nose mask when in a public gathering, Adesina said he can not give a reason.

He, however, revealed that the reasons are private to the president and can not be discussed in public.

Adesina had remarked while responding to public questions during a national address with Nigeria Info Lagos through a teleconference that despite Nigerians elected their president has no right to control him by the nose.

He said the president’s use of prerecorded broadcast to address Nigerians coupled with a less frequent appearance in interacting with Journalists amidst the ravaging pandemic, corona, is a matter of style.

He added that Buhari can use any style best suitable to deliver his mandate and any other government can as well choose one suitable for them.

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