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Huge relief as Northern Group calls Buhari on Biafra Freedom

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There could be a breath of relief on the long pushed and anticipated sovereign nation of Biafra following a call by the Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG) suggesting to the Nigerian President what to quicken aversion of security breaches deepened within the Southern region.

In a statement handed out by the group’s spokesman, Abdul-Azeez Sulaiman called on President Muhammadu Buhari to consider granting Biafra to agitators to end d safety disturbance in the region and other parts of the country.

CNG remarked during a reaction to a recent war-triggering statement credited to President Buhari bordering on civil war.

Buhari has come under verbal and media attack threat to youths in the southeast for alleged destruction and raid on safety agents and facilities across southern states.

Regarding the triggered comment a good number of Nigerians on social media carried on hashtag #iamIgbo, fared on the president which led to deletion of the controversial remark by the media giant, Twitter on Wednesday.

On expressing joy over the removal of the disturbing comment, Lie Mohammed, the Minister of Information and Culture lambasted the media company, described the action as a ‘double standard’.

Responding further to the outrage, CNG pointedly said that the only alternative to bring back peace in Nigeria is to ensure that the prolonged call for Biafra turns a reality.

The statement notes: “It is time for the Nigerian state and all stakeholders to wake to the reality that the only remaining option to avoid a civil war is for the Igbo to be allowed to have the Biafra they have used intermittently for decades to destabilize the nation and deny peace to other components of the country,” Sulaiman said in the statement.

Meanwhile, Federal Government has countered the declaration by Council on Foreign Affairs that Nigeria a failed state going by its security challenges.

Alhaji Lai Mohammed who condemned on Thursday noted that it is wrong for any CFA to declare “Nigeria is at a point of no return with all the signs of a failed nation’’.

While responding to NAN the Information Minister warned that “Nigeria is not and cannot be a failed state’’.

The position of CFA was in a research finding recently published via Campbell and Rotberg.

Based on him, the declaration by the Council did not represent an official U.S. policy


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