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How To Produce Original palm Wine (Video)

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Shots from Mama Uka clip

Just when the known Igbo value gradually faded out some young Igbo people grind to revive it and bounce back strongly.

Some of the damage done to Igbo culture has been relinquishing dialect to embracing foreign languages, locally made foods, drinks (wine), greetings, and many others.

In a sighted clip, a renowned comedian, Odinaka Chukwueze who goes by his page name, Mama Uka dropped a step-by-step process to be followed in producing a local wine from Palm Tree.

The funny skit maker who hails from Amachara Enugu Ezike, Enugu State had created a belt-like rope called ‘Ete Nkwu’ used to climb palm trees majorly within Igboland.

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The comedian who is known for his educative content continued the second part of the experiment on how to fix and use the Ete.

The video which has garnered millions of views and shares plus commendation to Chukwueze as well shows to create the wine channels which allow it to gradually rush out into a bottle.

The interesting part is that you could consume fresh wine to save yourself from poisonous fake ones sold around and restore the lost value.

There are so many to transfer back to the younger generations and who is willing to cultivate or reawake these amid alarming mechanized/synthetic products imported to replace natural contents.


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