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How to defeat the enemies – Nnamdi Kanu’s surfaced clip reveals (Audio)

…but the Fulani Janjaweed it doesn’t cost them anything than to destroy. To overpower them, there must be…

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The leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu counseling on how to defeat supposed troubling enemies has surfaced.

The audio appears to be one of programmes before rearrest was made available on social media.

Kanu who is presently facing troubling moments at the DSS detention facility in Abuja since late June last year painted a scenario using darkness and light.

He expressed that the reason the enemy (referred to as the Fulanis) is gaining more power over their quest for Biafra restoration is because of disunity.

He noted that Biafrans represents the light. Posited that darkness has no power and nothing seemingly feeds to generate more energy than light, noting that it only gets powerful when there is a light outage.

Because we represent the light. You see darkness has nothing feeding it. I want you to understand and relate this analogy to the Zoo called Nigeria. You see darkness (you know when NEPA takes light there is darkness everywhere). That darkness has no power. That darkness is acting because there is no light. Once the light comes it disappears.

He continued to admonish, that for one to defeat darkness, which was described as Lucifer, enough light must be generated.

In application, he stated that Biafrans must come together to build more synergy, energy, momentum, and above all, thrust in order to fight and win enemies at sight.

“But the Fulani Janjaweed, it doesn’t cost them anything than to destroy. To overpower them, there must be synergy, there must be energy and there must be momentum And you must have thrust. Listen

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