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How The Igbos Are Linked To The Hebrew (Biblical Old Teatament)

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By Kosisochukwu Chibudo

Before the advent of planetary studies and cosmology, mankind thought that near celestial bodies were gods. Venus was the goddess of love, Mars the god of war etc. Today we know better that there are planets similar to earth orbiting the same sun at the centre of our solar system. Had they allowed themselves to be locked away in their superstitious foolishness as most of we Africans do, they would not make the great discoveries and scientific preeminence they enjoy today.

You can say anything you like about Europeans but one thing I respect them for is their ability to remove themselves from any explanation that is not supported by empirical data. The pursuit of knowledge is where they gained the upper hand over superstitious, uncritical and unthinking Africans.

Those who out of a combination of stupidity, ignorance and misplaced sense of ethnic pride think that Igbo people have no link with Hebrews (Biblical Old Teatament) should kindly explain to us what the Star of David is doing on a British minted coin for their Zoo Nigeria which includes Biafra?

What led the anti-Semitic British to associate the Star of David with Nigeria? Therein lies the answer to the conundrum.

Reason, for once some of us should just reason.

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