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How Nnamdi Kanu Gained My Respect For Declaring Arrest Of Buhari

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By Banom

Few days ago, when NNAMDI KANU declared IPOB will arrest and hand over Jubril masquerading as president Buhari to the Japanese authority, I thought it was a mere talk.

Though I expect he could do much more than that as the man has proven times without numbers, he is no joker and matches every of his words with action.

But seeing what is currently going on in Japan right now, where the so-called president Buhari allegedly travelled to and for over 48hours now, he is nowhere to be seen. He is running away from IPOB and hiding like a common criminal…just like Shekaru of Bokoharam has been hiding…

I give it to IPOB, I give it to NNAMDI KANU… You guys have earned my eternal respect…
Fearless, bold, calculated, and matching every words with action.

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IPOB plan is simple, they want to be arrested on the account of harassing Jubril on a foreign land where the Jubril matter will come up in a foreign court and the whole world will see the scam going on in Nigeria…
Kudos my guys…

Naija people, how market? Where is your president? Who is now a coward? NNAMDI KANU or your president? Who is now hiding? What about your python, won’t it go and dance in Japan? Haba abi, is it only a shithole dancing python?

We are watching…We will see how it will all end.

In any case, I still remember the words of a Yoruba Pastor who adviced the government to dialogue now…that a time is coming when they will beg for dialogue, and no one will agree to dialogue with them…
I think things are pretty getting to that point now…

ME; IPOB is formidable and determined. The embarrassment given to this useless and worthless Nigeria gov’t is commendable.

Thumb up to Our Able leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and Ipob.

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