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How I Helped Rig Election Through INEC, Security agents – Senator (video)

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The ongoing gubernatorial election in Edo state brings to mind what politicians do to swing themselves into political offices and the testimony of the Former Deputy Senate President, Ibrahim Mantu, where he made a shocking revelation on how he bribed INEC, others is the focus.

The repented politician, Mantu during an interactive chat on Channels Television’s Hard Copy sometime in March 2018 gave an account on how Nigeria’s electoral system was invaded and rigged.

Prior to 2019, the former PDP leader campaigned for good governance after 16 years reign of the African largest party, PDP watched as power slipped out there hands, leaving behind unfulfilled promises, dreams.

According to Mantu, despite his own election, he shows deep interest when his party leadership champions to deliver a contesting member to victory and they could sort it our through the Independent Election umpire, security agents, etc and all will be a success.

Just like today’s replica being exhibited by the present leading party, APC, which has taken youths off their generational goals, the rigging majorly goes by monetary inducement and many others.

He, however, preached for change, regarding the present state of the country, having a skyrocketing number of unemployed youths, absence of infrastructural development, Poor education, security challenges, ravaging poverty, and so on.

He said Nigeria needs good governance and that will be possible when good people are in the office, adding that the country has abundant resources to upturn to achieve it.

“So,  we need good governance and good governance can only be provided by good people; good people who are truly repentant, who are concerned about the well-being of the people,” he stated.

The question that comes to mind from an average reader could be ‘do Nigerian youths and its government wants to change, good governance’. Nothing like the different results if the youth of this country keep accepting cash, encouraging/supporting wrong leaders.

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