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How ‘Fulani Soldiers’ Broke Into Our Houses Brutalized Us In The Night – Port Harcourt Residents

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Some residents of Wobo Street, Mile 3 Diobu, Port Harcourt Rivers State have raised an alarm of an unprovoked attack by the Nigerian soldiers yesterday night in their various Houses.

According to a victim who sent a distress message to SCANNEWS24 last night narrated how troops with Toyota Hilux Van invaded Wobo Community at 9 PM, attacked virtually everyone accosted on the street.

A victim who gave her name as Chinonye (Surname withheld), in what appeared as rape attempt, said some of her yard members were at the frontage receiving air due to electricity outage in the area. Suddenly, a Van drove in with speed and people took to their heels.

In what came as a shock to her, she immediately rushed to her house, which is the first room facing the road.

Amidst the tensed atmosphere, someone with military combat grabbed her. At that point, she could not understand what was her offence to had been apprehended like a rogue. They dragged her out and started flooding her with tyre-belt.

Along the line, she could not endure the submerging on her as they tried to drag her further towards their vehicle and he left-hand broke.

It was when she started screaming they left her.

Another yard member, who ran to their room before they followed him, revealed that he almost fainted before one of them (spoking Hausa dialect) could allow him to go.

Yet another drama as another victim, Mr Chijioke (Surname withheld) shared his experience. He said, he went to get a hundred Naira airtime from a nearby Aboki store, opposite his yard, when three men with Army Uniform (speaking the Hausa Language) rushed to the store.

He said, the Mallam, who was attending to him hurriedly spoke to soldier “Na Me” and they freed him and turned to him, like he a common criminal.

They used tyre like a belt, flogged him till he could fell into the store, yet they followed him up, flogging both his eyes. At that point, he was about fainting before they left him and then rushed to their Van and drove off.

According to them, the ugly incident warranted the rest of the neighbourhood and residents down the street to lock their yards to avoid further invasion.

Recall that the Rivers state government had introduced an additional curfew in some parts of the local governments and Mile 3 Port-Harcourt (Ikwerre Road axis).

We gathered that the residents under the government restrictions have been obedient regarding patrol measures initiated by the Local government Chairman, Victor Ihunwo ( Voko). They hard cried out to the state government during a radio programme, Air Your View, to lift the curfew as families are starving, struggling to survive.

The government of Governor Nyesom Wike is expected to key into action over this incident as youths in the area are reacting negatively in view to defend themselves against further aggression.

Wobo Street is a community designated street where the Mayor of the Port Harcourt City Local Government hails from and indigenes are suffering since the lockdown as well as non-indigenes. SCANNEWS learned.

Traders operating in the community are always targeted by the Local Government Task Force, always destroying their goods following the COVID-19 order.

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