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How Exactly Are Hausas Making Nigeria Proud – Curious Nigerian Asks

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A social media clout, George Udom has raised dust on his Facebook page with a question that appears simple but hard to many.

Udom is undoubtedly perceived by many as die-hard supporters of the present administration of President Mohammadu Buhari following his daily trolls that stirs debate or controversy.

The Facebook-based client had called on a segment of Nigerians agitating for the disunity of the country to disregard hate politics and put into motion what he described as ‘international drive’ so that light of better understanding will come to fore.

In a post shared Tuesday evening, which has attracted followers to supply the answer in the comment of over 1000, Udom queried ‘how the people of Northern Nigeria, Hausas contributed to the economy in a bid to make the country proud.

Giving his question a base, he revealed that the people of the South East, Igbos are making Nigeria proud of their skills in football, while Western Nigeria, Yorubas engaged in entertainment, singing.

However, in massive contributions from the Northerners who are still pouring in convincing opinion seems to be responding in one voice, Agricultural produce.

On the flip opinions, some persons still hold their point in opposition ranging from security challenge to politics.

Well, the statistics may be convincing to hold on people from the North to be making Nigeria proud with Agriculture as majorly claimed but still, your opinion counts if you can all join the thread through the link or use the comment box below.

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