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How Ekweremadu Disgraced Self In Public Again

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“I have kept dead silence on his issues for a while…He is selfish and self serving. This is a man that drew a budget for the construction of five Youth Development Centers in our constituency. One for Ọgwụ, one for Achị in Oji-River, One for Mpu our hometown, one for Ezeagu and one for Udi.

“The facility was designed to accommodate skill acquisition centers and recreation facilities. These centers were built and left to rot. The one in Ọgwụ was abandoned. The one in Achị was handed over to Nigerian Civil Defence Corp. It is now their property. The rest of the facilities are dysfunctional defeating its goal and objectives. But, this is not the problem.

“The issue is that Sen. Ekweremmadu WENT BACK AGAIN TO CLAIM 120 MILLION NAIRA FROM FG FOR THE YOUTH CENTRE AT MPU OUR HOMETOWN. He converted it to a technical school. The other four facilities outside his hometown were not accounted for.

“Sen. Ekweremmadu is my representative. When people hail him, I feel they don’t know him very well. Is he not DIKE enough to make a case for OJI RIVER POWER STATION? It was generating 10MW when it was installed by white men. After the civil war, it was upgraded to generate 30MW. This facility stopped operation since 2004 but Sen. Ike

“Ekweremmadu’s stay in the senate is as old as democracy in Nigeria. This power station can be upgraded to generate more and to serve his constituency. But, No.

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“What about the Oji-River – Ọgwụ – Aninri Road? Sen. Ekweremmadu received over 13 billion naira for the said Roads. He spent 9billion on 16.4km from Ọgwụ to Aninri (our hometown) done by Setraco and mapped out only 4 billion naira for Oji-River to Ọgwụ which is about 38.4km (nearly 40km). This part he handed over to Master Holdings, a company that could not complete 7km. Even the parts they have done have witnessed different degrees of failure.

“When our people became agitated, the Sen. inserted the road in FG’s budget, this time, to be constructed by Setraco at 8 billion naira. FG became suspicious but granted the request. Now, Master Holdings went to court claiming they are being owed. Thus, FG won’t release the 8 billion to Setraco. As I write, the road is being cut and washed by erosion at different locations while the people suffer pains.

“As for the Ecowas tale, yes. That was the reason he insisted he is going back to the senate, to complete his Ecowas Parliament leadership tenure. And the reason he battled former governor Sullivan to sit at home while he returned to the senate.

“This man practically dictates who seats as the LGA chairman in all the LGAs under his constituency. That way, he is sure of his next tenure. Divide and rule, his tactics. Select a number of persons and place them on stipends. Those robots infiltrate every gathering and group to sing his anthem and to pollute every quest for change. We are living in BONDAGE folks.

“I read a comment where one novice was recommending how we should vote him out and I asked him to come and help us do that for once in 20 years. Those who initiated that “gbuo dike, gbuo dike” should be tied to a spike and flogged till they pass out. Idiots.”

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