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How Bishop Oyedepo sacked 41 resident Pastors over low revenue from Tithe, Offering

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The General overseer of the Living Faith Church reportedly has discontinued the services of over forty resident pastors over believed low turnout after months of managing quarters.

One of the sacked pastors, Pastor Godwin noted that he was informed the revenue from the church he presides in ought to cover his welfare and accommodation.

Godwin, in his statement, was relieved eleven months after he was deployed sometime in August 2020 by the Church.

According to the pastor who was taking care of Ikere-Ekiti church revealed both he and forty pastors were invited on July 1, 2021, by the state pastor and thereafter were sacked over low revenue in their various branches.

Speaking in a viral clip Godwin stated he made every effort to win soul for Christ as a pastor regarding the mandate from God to GO, Oyedepo to plant ten thousand (10,000) in the country, but was shocked to be handed sack letter.

The letter instructed him to vacate the church, hand over properties, official accommodation, ID card to the area upon departure.

Clarification was later made to him after calling to the management the next day, noting that the Church is not expected to operate at a loss for that reason the sack was initiated.

Identities of other relieved men of God did not disclose in the video, however, the Bishop has not made a public address regards the claim.


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