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How Betting Is Helping Nigerian Youths Through Biting Economy

“Do not Fight to recover your losses immediately after losing a Bet, always be patient, try to come up with a strategy…

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The continued economic crisis has pushed many younger Nigerians into wrong activities like cyber crime and other vices hence majority are fighting to survive the biting economy.

Recent research conducted by Scannews after the post global pandemic indicates how some youths struggling in the street are smiling home with fortunes.

A 26-year-old philanthropist and student of Edo State University reveals how he is engaging the youths and guiding them to st*ke their little funds on be!ting sites and win fortunes.

The Influencer, Aiyelade Morrison popularly known as @Legitcalulator (Twitter) noted that bet!ing was not easy when he started in 2014 as he lost on various occasions but remained consistent.

In his words: “Sports bet!ing for me wasn’t ever easy at the beginning and I never had wealthy Parents who I could get money from to st*ke high on games or ever did Fraud to get money as Some people feel because of my High St*kes”

Just like every family doing all possible best to control and censor the activities engaged in by their wards, the Punter’s parents did everything to stop him but he continued till he came up with a nice st*king strategy.

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“My Parents never supported sports betting even if my Dad is a football Fan and a Good Supporter of the Nigerian Football Team. Back in the Days, I used to stake on games and go into debt at the early stages before I could later come up with a plan after some years of being Tenacious.

“The plan I was using then was aiming for the small odds with 2 or more accumulations to get for example 1.6 odds, 1.7 odds and using them as 2 or 3 rollovers with a StartUp of 2 or 3 thousand naira and at the time, owning a VIP back then for such which attracted people even from other countries Like Ghana and Kenya cos of my success rate at those small odds.

These were some of the buildups to my success with being a Successful Sports bettor and a big Twitter Punter/Influencer.

A close check indicates many Nigerians get a st*king code from these online influencers particularly  Legitcalculator, daily and have been surviving through it.

Morrison revealed consistency is the only key and advised beginners to be consistent, never to engage every day, and never to take loans if they want to succeed.

In his words: My advice to people out there trying to keep up in the Sports betting world is never to Give Up, do not bet every day or All the time.

“Do not Fight to recover your losses immediately after losing a Bet, always be patient, try to come up with a strategy, and most importantly, do not take loans to bet or borrow money to Bet.

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