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Horrible Moment Aboki was caught washing sliced coconut in the Gutter (Video)

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Living life in Nigeria becomes scarier as the day passes regarding unfriendly food items pushed out to the market without watchful eyes of the appropriate agencies like the Standard Organization of Nigeria, and National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control.

The country at the moment is challenged with a high level of security issues but the insecurity on consumable items smuggled into various markets has put citizens in intense danger.

A retrieved video clip by #Scannews24 contains an abominable act of hawker believed to be of Northern extraction, washing already sliced coconut in germ-filled gutter water.

Luck runs out of him the scary-looking young man between his early thirty indulging in the criminal but desperate act.

Apprehensively, the fear-filled hawker was dumbfounded when good two Nigerians queried why he was washing the items in the gutter, and why he could not leave behind the dirty ones.

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Failed to meet his imagination, they restrained him from beating and cautioned him not to bother about felled ones.

This is coming barely a week young man raised on an alarm in viral footage, uncovered unhealthy ingredient used to prepare widely consumed Suya sister, Kilishi.

In the sighted tape, the man poured boiled water in a bowl, soaked a tried and ready to eat Kilishi in view to wash off and soften the dried meat. After the sustained process, a rubber substance was extracted.

He called on well-meaning Nigerians and those patronizing the product to desist from consuming it or risk severe and acute health challenges or death.

The sliced dried meat, mostly sold in supermarkets and exclusive areas is imported from the Northern part of Nigeria and prepared by Hausa/Fulani.

Authorities in charge of ready-made food items, as matter of life and death, beam their site lite on these criminals to help assure the healthiness of the market and buyers. Video

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