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Hisbah: Omokri hits Afenifere over State Police plea, told what to do

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Pastor Reno Omokri has expressed disappointment over a statement by Afenifere calling for State Police from Federal Government.

In a shared post on Wednesday, Omokri bemoaned the approach by the group said ‘Who gave Kano Hisbah?’

The author who styled himself ‘Buhari Tormentor’ queried if the Kano State Islamic Police, Hisbah requested any permission before creation.

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He advised to stop asking for the establishment of an internal security body from President Buhari and “Create it”

Omokri, who appeared unsettled with the Afenifere’s approach noted that “If that lousy fellow has not stopped Hisbah” then can not the group from setting up the State Police.

He alleged Buhari is the oppressor who protects the killer Herdsmen and their atrocities, urging the people to enjoy their right to “defend yourselves or be prepared to die one after the other”.

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