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Hijab: Watch As Lawyer Storm Court Dressed In Traditional Attire (Video)

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HIJAB: In a move to strengthen tolerance in Nigeria, a Human Rights lawyer has dressed differently in court to exemplify the recently passed judgment permitting students and police Hijab-wearing Muslims.

The verdict which appears to give privileges to other religious faithful in the country has prompted the lawyer to wear one.

It was dramatic earlier today in Abuja’s Supreme Court when High Chief Malcom Omoirobo, Esq. A Lagos-based human rights lawyer dressed in full traditional attire just like an “Olokun priest” walked out of the Court after proceedings.

According to reports, he was abruptly stopped when the presiding justice announced to observe a short break.

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This has since stirred reactions on social media calling on the court to reverse the hijab judgment or expect more people to turn out to notable premises with strange outfits.

Recall the Supreme Court earlier on Friday, June 17, 2022, allowed the use of hijab by female Muslim students in government-managed schools in Lagos.

The issued judgment followed an appeal – Lagos State Govt. and Ors V. Asiyat AbdulKareem with suit number SC/910/16.

Speaking with journalists Mr. Omoirobo thanked the Supreme Court for ushering in a great opportunity last week Friday permitting him to practice his belief as a traditionalist and to promote Section 38 of the constitution, noting that is “our right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion”.


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