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Herders Association Clarify Operation in Igboland, Seek Peace 

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A peaceful and healthy relationship could be finding a way back between the people of the South East and the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders’ Association of Nigeria operating in the region.

The embattled group stated that its interest within the area was solely financial and nothing extra.

Speaking earlier with journalists shortly after a gathering of the joint executive council of the group in Enugu on Monday, Alhaji Gidado Siddiki, the Chairman of MACBAN in the region made the clarification.

He stated that the clarification turned mandatory following rising suspicion and speculation in some areas in regards to the actions of herders within the zone.

Siddiqui stated it was crucial to correct the impression that their pursuits within the area were past financial interest.

Siddiki explained that the skepticism that herders were messengers of Fulani territorial expansionism had worsened into unhealthy relationships in most components of the region.

The herders’ Chairman mentioned that such misgiving had made members of the association more and more worried.

He stated that herdsmen within the area have been desirous of putting cooperative relationships with the people in the zone to keep away from mutual suspicion.

In his words, “This suspicion is rooted in the speculation that herdsmen are harbingers of Fulani territorial expansionism.

“However, the leadership of MACBAN, under my watch in the South-East, has continued to discuss appreciably well with the individual state governments in the zone.

“I’m happy that the dialogue gives us hope for a better understanding of our members and their host communities.”

He stated that the group wouldn’t flinch to reveal any of its members discovered to be concerned in criminal activities.

Siddiqui called on the governments of the South-East states to make sure the safety of the group’s members and cattle, adding that herders within the location would be made to take precautionary measures while going about their business

He stated that MACBAN acknowledges that the challenges the herders have been going through within the area weren’t peculiar to the zone, adding that there were bound to be disagreements between people of various cultural orientations.

He, nevertheless, stated it was time to sort out the differences.

The MACBAN leader said, “We, hereby, jointly resolve to fully lend our efforts toward fostering an enduring and harmonious relationship with our host communities.

“We urge members of our host communities to be more accommodating too.”

Siddiki depicted the people of the South-East as good and vowed that MACBAN wouldn’t do something to create pressure within the area.

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