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Help Identify Two armed Robbers CCTV captured in a Pharmacy (watch)

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The general public is by this means solicited to help in figuring out photos of two robbers captured by Close Circuit Television (CCTV) during a theft in Ibadan.

The two minutes video footage, which was made obtainable by Fisayo Soyombo and published by PUNCH online, displayed two young fellas, between the ages bracket of 30-40, raided a Pharmaceutical retailer made away with valuable items, together with money.

The criminals, as seen in the circulated video, entered the pharmacy carrying arms, compelled themselves through the reception, and grabbed valuable items from the shop as the retailer trembles in fear.

The quantity items stolen are yet to be uncovered including money.

However, in the video shared on their verified Facebook page Sunday, 26 July 2020, demanded the general public to identify the faces showing in the video.

The post read: “CCTV Caught these two men robbing a pharmacy in Ibadan. Can you identify them?”

Follow the link attached below to observe alongside and see if the faces appear familiar.

This will help in finding the culprits to where they might be hiding and in addition to enhancing safety within the nation.

We advised to reach or contact The PUNCH directly in case you have any associated information respects the plea above.

We must also be aware that safety is everybody’s business or concern, don’t look over because it has not occurred to you or one nearer.

It is unbelievable to see young men, overran such a public business place without having a face mask, executed in a relaxed manner, snatched items without the owners’ permission.

It goes a long way to advise adopt the use of technology in combatting safety issues in Nigeria, establishing CCTV devices inside strategic locations in our houses, workplaces, and business places.

And to enhance the Close TV with a nationwide database that would allow simple identification by means of individuals’ documented profile, primarily, DNA, Blood Group, Eye and face structure, palm prints, and lots of others.

Watch footage:

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