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Hausa youths clashes with Fulanis, threaten Buhari, other military officers (Video)

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Some Nigerians in the North appear to be Indigenous Hausa people have risen to the occasion of insecurity in Nigeria marched to president Mohammadu Buhari.

We understand the disturbing security problems affecting virtually every part of the country, going by unabated destruction of security facilities and killing of security operatives in the East, to sustained kidnapping and the slain of students in the North, massacre of farmers, and heightened destruction of lives and properties by Unknown Gunmen, Bandits, Herdsmen, Boko Haram.

Though youths within regions, including Middle Belt, South West, and southeast are since calling on the government to restructure or better conduct a referendum for peaceful disintegration.

Adding more voice are some aggrieved youths from the North who threatened to go after prominent leaders for allowing the killing of Nigerians.

“We the right to say whatever we want to say. We have been killed by the oppressors. We want a criminal in the person of Mohammadu Buhari. Come and kill us we’re ready to die.

“Buhari fails to present his secondary school certificate, this is an insult to the whole of Nigeria.

“How can someone that cannot pass WAEC and NECO will give you an order to come and people? For your information, anybody, from the chief of army staff to the last of corporal Nigerian army we know the exit of any of you that are parts and parcel of killing our brothers and sisters. We know you, we know your and family members.

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