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Gumi Upholds Trust For Bandits Blasts Politicians Over Delayed Peace Talks (Video)

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The Embattled self acclaimed spokesman to Northern based Bandits, Professor Gumi Sheikh, has shocked Nigerians after his recent statement upholding trusts to armed rampaging hoodlums than politicians

In a retrieved clip by #Scannews24, the professor who was attesting as an intermediary to the criminals said the bandits had expressed distrust to the politicians over most agreements patterning amnesty and all have you.

Taking position, Gumi noted, he does not as well trust the politicians but trust the bandits.

Explaining further, he pointedly said politicians are just playing politics with peace series of talks engaged with kidnappers targeted at restoring lasting peace in the country.

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He disagreed with the notion that herdsmen are criminals rather than the religious leaders and politicians who turned them into criminal activities, adding they deserve a change of lifestyle from open grazing.

He compared the killer herdmen with their counterparts in America who have turned a new leaf after the government keyed into the rehabilitation of criminals.

He attributed Herdsmen’s criminal activities as a social problem in which government could pay deep attention to making reasonable laws that would accommodate than fighting them.

Nigerians are calling for arrest and interrogation of Gumi regarding his continued interaction and relationship with most criminals ravaging the Northern part of the country.


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