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Grieving youths goes diabolic as a dead man refused to be conveyed home from Mortuary (video)

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Social media went blazing following surfaced video of a dead young man resisting all efforts by youths to convey his remains for final burial.

According to the video retrieved by SCANNEWS24 shows what appeared like a Nollywood directed script but a real-life event filled with horror and drama.

The yet to be identified man was said to have returned from overseas to his community some weeks later he was killed.

Though we are still tracking to verify the cause of his death, location, and other arising pressing questions.

In the main time, the triggering part of the obtained video footage, according to brief detail attached, the young man resisted all efforts by the community youths to convey the corpse to his village from the mogul.

The grieving youths were left with no choice but to opt for a diabolic option to enable them to naturalize the powers of the resisting spirit.

After applying some necessary concussions, the Corpse was detached from the casket and journeyed on their heads to the graveside for burial.

If such atrocious crime, wickedness, and inhuman act remain unchecked Nigerians in the diaspora with be discouraged to visit home mainly to see loved ones and parents.


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