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Gov’t supplies AK47 used for attacks – Bandit (Video)

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A clue to know the source of ammunition used by rampaging armed herdsmen to attack Nigerians mainly farmers surfaces as incriminating footage goes viral.

A retrieved clip discloses that the Nigerian government supplies weapons to herders.

In a captured video during one of the numerous meetings between Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, a popular Islamic cleric, while addressing the crowd on behalf of the herders, a herdsman pointedly noted that cows do not give birth to guns.

The man whose name was not ascertained remarked that they were only herders doing their normal business which does not involve hard weapons until the government started aiding them with AK-47.

In his words “I swear to the Almighty Allah that it’s the government that is giving arms to us. Fulani don’t know what gun is,” he said in Fulani to the applause of others.

He continued “We are only herdsmen. Cows don’t give birth to guns. I swear to Allah, we are on our own and the government supplies AK47 to us. I am not afraid to say the truth.”

Recall the Islamic cleric, Gumi has been having sustained visiting with the armed bandits in the forests within North.

He is also urging the government to grant amnesty to the bandits a move he believes will put to stop kidnappings and killings in the region.

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