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Good and Bad Summarized Achievements Of Robert Mugabe

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The Good:

1. With Joshua Nkomo, Robert Gabriel Mugabe was the unchallenged leader of the liberation movement of Zimbabwe. He lead the country to freedom.

2. He Wisely managed the transition from South Rhodesia to Zimbabwe.

3. He calmly negotiated with his arch-enemies. He steered his country to a new era.

4. He was instrumental in education for all in Zimbabwe.

5. He re-appropriated the land and black Zimbabweans became masters of their land again.

6. He established and maintained unity of all political factors in the country.

The Bad: These and probably other impressive feats were, however, marred by quite a number of bad things.

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1. He was definitely a typical communist leader of the party. Many of his comrades perished by his own hand. Now, most of Zimbabwean cities have streets named after them.

2. He provoked confrontation with his comrade Joshua Nkomo and perpetrated huge purge of Ndebele people called Gukurahundi. According to some sources, 20,000 people perished.

3. He was the chief in a system of total corruption.

4. He re-took the land from white farmers in a most atrocious manner.

5. He surrounded himself with the most corrupt, cruel, greedy, incapable, dishonest, people around.

6. He allowed his ambitious and greedy Wife to start political maneuvering Which, if successful, would lead to her being his heir.

This final move proved to be their final downfall.

Still (with Ian Smith) he is the most important politician of his era.

Predrag Maksimovich, Medical Doctor. Dental Surgeon. Specialist OTOHNS. (1973-present)

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