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Galadima opens up on cause of fight with Buhari, lists his sacrifices for President

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The National Chairman of the Reformed All Progressives Congress, R-APC and the old ally of Muhammadu Buhari, Buba Galadima, has explained how his face-off with the President started.

DAILY POST reported on Friday that Galadima led the splinter group from the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC.

Galadima who appeared on African Independent Television, explained things he had gone through in the hands of Buhari and yet he (Mr. President) does not recognise him.

Speaking on his problem with President Buhari, he explained, “I don’t have any problem with Mr President but I assisted him since 2002.

“I have made more contributions than even himself in becoming the President of Nigeria. Maybe, I should tell the world that because of him, I have suffered intimidation, arrests, questioning about 38 times.

“Not only that, I was detained in an underground prison, chained hands and legs and tried for treason because of him. All these people around now were the people fighting us then.

“Some of these people were receiving money from the government of the time during elections in conducting fake research and using their positions as members of the trade union to say that the election was conducted fairly but today they are Buhari people. I am shocked.

“There is nothing happening except that I just saw him during a world press conference, an elder statesman and former president said that he does not need my vote, my supporters, my families and those that interact with me.

“He never mentioned any reason and I dare say that I have more integrity and more honest than any person in this country.”

He added, “The position I have taken has nothing to do with his impression about me but because the party is getting to a slide and because I made sacrifices to bring the formation of this party. The world knows that I can’t sit idly and see that happen.

“I don’t need to access him because he is the President of Nigeria and I cannot go and stand by the side of the Aso Villa to shout that I want to see Mr President. If he needs to see me, he can direct the SSS to pick me up to the Villa.

“He was quoted to have said that nobody matters and he does not need to see anybody when the members of the nPDP requested to dialogue with him because it is a party matter. If it is a party matter why did he meet the National Assembly?

“The nPDP which was the subject matter then complained of marginalisation, so also my CPC. We brought in 12.5 million votes into this merger yet we get three cabinet ministers.”


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