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Full List Of 23 Nigerians To Be Executed In Saudi Arabia

Adeniyi Adebayo Zikri
Tunde Ibrahim
Jimoh Idhola Lawal
Lolo Babatunde
Sulaiman Tunde
Idris Adewuumi Adepoju
Abdul Raimi Awela Ajibola
Yusuf Makeen Ajiboy

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Nigerians react as Saudi Arabia government released names of Twenty three (23 ) Nigerians would be executed at anytime, following drug-related offences, Vanguard reports.

Scannews 24 gathered that they were convicted for contravening the narcotic and psychotropic substances that are punishable by death.

According to document released by Saudi Arabian authority, those to be executed were picked between 2016 and 2017 at Prince Muhammad bin Abdu- Aziz International Airport, King Abdul-Aziz International Airport, Jeddah and Madinah respectively having concealed the banned substances in their rectums, the Saudi document revealed.

Below are their names:

  1. Adeniyi Adebayo Zikri
  2. Tunde Ibrahim
  3. Jimoh Idhola Lawal
  4. Lolo Babatunde
  5. Sulaiman Tunde
  6. Idris Adewuumi Adepoju
  7. Abdul Raimi Awela Ajibola
  8. Yusuf Makeen Ajiboye
  9. Adam Idris Abubakar
  10. Saka Zakaria
  11. Biola Lawal
  12. Isa Abubakar Adam
  13. Ibrahim Chiroma
  14. Hafis Amosu
  15. Aliu Muhammad
  16. Funmilayo Omoyemi Bishi
  17. Mistura Yekini
  18. Amina Ajoke Alobi
  19. Kuburat Ibrahim
  20. Alaja Olufunke Alalaoe Abdulqadir
  21. Fawsat Balagun Alabi
  22. Aisha Muhammad Amira
  23. Adebayo Zakariya.

Demand evidence, strive for fair trial, don’t make them feel guilty – Kayode advises FG

Meanwhile, Femi Fani-Kayode on Friday called on federal government to stop making every arrested Nigerian abroad appear guilty before the accuser regards criminal allegations.

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Kayode, while reacting on his Facebook page to a statement by Honourable Abikc Dabiri-Etewa, Chairman CEO, Nigerians in Diaspora Commission, advised on what to do.

The Chairman had earlier addressed the arrest of 80 persons, mainly Nigerians in various pans of the US being accused in separate FBI cases of massive email fraud and money laundering.

Part of the statement read: “We acknowledge the fact that accusation does not mean guilt and we hope that all the accused will be given fair and speedy trial.

“We also ask those accused in Nigeria to voluntarily turn themselves in to American authorities to clear their names without which the Nigerian govemmcnt should cxtraditc them if relevant international treaties between the two govcmments are invoked.

Regard to the statement, Kayode advised the commission to desist from making the accused appear guilty, said that the government should request for evidence relating to the crime against them and make sure they are given fair trial.

In his words: “When a foreign Government claims that 80 of your citizens have committed crimes the first thing that you are meant to do as a Goveenment is to ask for the evidence against them and demand that they are given a fair trial.

“You do not assume that they are guilty and you do not threaten to extradict them.”

The FBI list has triggered reactions from Nigerians on social media since the release on Thursday.

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