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France’s crackdown on mosques begins against suspected Islamist extremists

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The interior minister of France reportedly has launched an operation focusing on dozen numbers of mosques and prayer houses throughout France as a part of a crackdown on Islamist extremists and radical teaching. This unfolds as the ministers prepare to debate a bill formulated to fight separatism, as a part of a plan introduced by President Emmanuel Macron.

Speaking on Wednesday, Gerald Darmanin,  the country’s interior minister informed French media that if any mosque including prayer hall was discovered to promote radical practice or teaching and extremism it will be shut down.

The checks to be embarked on Thursday afternoon are part of a reaction to 2 ugly assaults that notably amazed France – the beheading of an instructor who confirmed his pupils’ cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed and the stabbing to the demise of three individuals in a church in Nice.

The minister despatched a manuscript to regional safety chiefs, itemizing 16 addresses within the Paris area and 60 others across the nation, 18 of them going through “immediate action” which might result in closure.

In accordance with data obtained by the Figaro newspaper, Darmanin ascertained that 18 of these prayer halls have been in the Seine-Saint-Denis area north of Paris.

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“Out of 231 foreigners in France illegally, currently below surveillance for radicalization, 66 have been deported, 46 are in specialized detention centres, 30 are under house arrest and 5 are in jail,” he informed RTL radio on Thursday morning.

“Nearly all Muslims in France respect the laws of the Republic and are hurt by that (radicalization),” he insisted, adding that only a fraction of the 2,600 Muslim places of worship in France were suspected of peddling radical theories.

This confirmed, “we’re far from a situation of widespread radicalisation” he stated.

The statement of the special operation appears during next Wednesday’s Cabinet meeting which is able to look at the bill on strengthening Republican values, planned to “combat separatism” and Islamist separatism, as per the charges provided earlier this year by President Emmanuel Macron.

The newest examinations come as Darmanin makes an attempt to repel fierce criticism over cases of police brutality caught on camera which has pressured the ruling party to revise a controversial bill proscribing filming of the police.



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