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Five feared dead as Gunmen attack two Benue communities

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Based on a report, armed men said to have wrecked two Benue Communities in different occurrences, killing not less than 5 individuals, the police have stated.

Two of the casualties have been slain early Sunday in Gwer West Local Government Area whereas the extra three, members of the same household, were killed in Katsina-ala Local Government Area, late on Saturday.

Catherine Anene, the Benue police representative, stated the members of the family murdered comprised a father, his spouse and son in Nagu village of Katsina-ala.

Ms. Anene stated the relations, whose surname was merely recognized as Jato, were assaulted and slain late Saturday evening as they dozed, however, the attackers didn’t pounce on or harm every other person.

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She started a different group of gunmen who carried out the killing of two persons in Naka, the headquarters of Gwer West Local Government Area, and the cop has already apprehended five suspects for the crime, whereas questionings have proceeded into the issue.

“On 27/12/2020 at about 1 a.m., a gunshot was heard in the High-Level area of Naka city and police officers were deployed to the area.

She continued; “Two persons were arrested on the scene of the crime, while two younger men were found in a pool of blood.

“The victims were rushed to the hospital but were confirmed useless. 5 extra suspects have been arrested and the investigation is still in progress,” Ms. Anene stated.



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