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Finally, NNPC explains why Nigeria’s refineries were shut

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√ The county’s indigenous Refineries were shut to Add Value to Oil Production, says Kyari

Just when Nigerians hoped for working indigenous refineries to help curb the rising unemployment and fuel intermittent scarcity of fuel, President Mohammadu Buhari’s led administration strike deal with the Niger Republic to import the motor spirit.

The deal which has Nigeria and Niger sign Memorandum of Understanding has triggered an uproar, mainly within the president’s camp, appearing snub of the most center point of Buhari’s key agenda in 2015.

Clarifying on the disturbing move, Mele Kyari, the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) Director noted the corporation concluded to close down all the country’s local refineries following pipeline vandals, thieves, and weakness of the pipelines which purposes a challenge to supply of crude.

Giving responses to queries from the House joint Committees on Petroleum Resources (Upstream, Downstream and Gas) while defending the group’s 2021 budget, Kyari states that to continue operating the refineries makes no sense regarding its visible declined impact in oil production.

He further maintained that the approach keyed into is targeted at making the corporation extra viable and yo deliver its expected mandate.

On his part, Musa Sarki-Ada, the Committee’s Chairman, concluded that the House of representative’s 9th chamber has achieved when it passed the PIB for second reading without any hindrance.

Delivering on the most integral part of President Buhari’s promises, which lifted hopes of citizens to have bought into All Progressive Congress’ Change mantra, the present government necessarily needs to look at foundational causes of pipeline vandalism, and major security threats hampering development.

We Understand this move may be temporary holding up to enlisted reason but not the wishes of the masses.

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