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Fiance Leak Empress Undressed (Watch)

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Social media has been heated just two days into the new year with a bedroom tape secret tape of renowned Nollywood Actress, Empress Njamah.

Amid a scuffle between both lovebirds who appear to be presently apart a clip considered secretive surfaced on WhatsApp and claimed to be shared by the estranged boyfriend.

The attached text noted more of the clips would run in a year in a bid to make the actress a porn icon than her profession, “no need to delay as of today the series of Empress NJAMAH start she will be a pome star instead of Nollywood actress. for those that weren’t online when season 1 episode 1 started we will start from the beginning till 365 days

and within the days if you see the same video remove yourself don’t believe in the season because different videos will load every day from our team.

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It continued: “And again we love the challenge for the sex videos we will upload a like here to go and watch once we are ready for it 457.

Watch the redirected clip indicating the private state. Video

The disturbing visual contents promised to be dropped daily also included a part displaying the lady in a bathtub. Second Clip

Nigerians are advised to always think twice to make such unnecessary records when probably carried away with their unreliable partners.


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