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FG begins Blocking of all SIMs without NIN

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All Subscriber Identification Modules that aren’t enrolled with accurate National Identification Numbers on the network of telecommunications corporations are given till 30 December 2020 to be prevented from receiving services, the Federal Government has announced.

The assertion was a part of decisions made during an urgent meeting of major stakeholders within the communications industry on Tuesday in Abuja, called together by Isa Pantami, the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy.

Ikechukwu Adinde, who served as the spokesperson of the Nigerian Communications Commission, stated in a press release that the gathering was assembled regarding the earlier directive on the halt of the latest enrollment by network operators.

He acknowledged that on the panel, the necessity to strengthen the accomplishments of last year’s SIM signup audit and enhance the efficiency and sanity of the sector was exhaustively spoken of.

According to NCC, stakeholders submitted that critical severe measures had now turned out to be unavoidable to improve the integrity and transparency of the SIM enrollment practice.

The commission summed up verdicts taken for quick execution by all network operators to assimilate the affirmation of the earlier directive to completely discontinue the registration of new SIMs by all operators.

In his words, “Operators to require all their subscribers to provide valid National Identification Number to update SIM registration records.

He continued, “The submission of NIN by subscribers to take place within two weeks (from at present December 16, 2020, and end by 30 December 2020). After the deadline, all SIMs without NINs are to be blocked from the networks.”

The NCC acknowledged ministerial taskforce involving the minister and all of the CEOs (amongst others) would perform as members to oversee adherence by all networks.

“Violations of this directive will be met by stiff sanctions, including the possibility of withdrawal of the operating license,” the commission said.

It encouraged the general public to make sure that their NINs had been captured in their SIM registration data, adding that all drawback which is likely to be caused by this directive was deeply regretted.

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