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Fearless IPOB members take protest to Hope Uzodinma’s home (video)

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Despite warnings by the Imo State government restraining protest by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), members of the group have taken peaceful demonstrations to the governor’s hometown.

In an obtained viral video by SCANNEWS24 the protesting members numbering over a hundred were seen with a series of inscribed banners, Biafra insignia, flags chanting on the street.

According to a Facebook client, Val Akponye, who shared on his timeline said the ongoing protest is holding at the residence of the state governor, Hope Uzodinma amidst security presence.

The Governor in a statement had warned members of the group to cease any form of protesting within the state, threatened to prosecute defaulters.

Meanwhile, the Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Mazi Nnamdi Kanu had responded to assertion credited to former Lagos state governor, Ahmed Tinubu regarding the coexistence of Nigeria.

The APC leader, Tinubu was referred to had advised Nigerians not to instigate what would destroy Nigeria, pointing out it was built by the founding fathers for Nigerians.

”Our founding fathers built Nigeria for us, we must not destroy it”- Tinubu

Countering on his social media, both Facebook and Twitter, Nnamdi Kanu lambaste Tinubu’s stance on the present state of Nigeria said “you got it wrong”

Kanu explained that the supposed Nigeria the Founding fathers designed was held up on the base of Regional Autonomy “Our founding fathers built a Nigeria of regional AUTONOMY”.

He further contended that Nigeria of today is dead, and decreased to a ‘Zoo’, noting that the country is now condoning evil “Nigeria is DEAD & replaced by a #Zoo that condones EVIL”

Kanu, however, denied being part of current Nigeria “If that’s your Nigeria, it’s not our Nigeria”.

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