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Faith & Fear, The Fundamental Issue

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By Oraye St. Franklyn

I have searched and confirmed that the phrase “Fear not” or “Do not be afraid” appears more than 300 times and arguably up to 365 times in the bible. This is why it has been said that we are to use one for each day of the year.

Why is it so important that we do not need to fear? What is the benefit of not being afraid? Are there no valid reasons to be afraid? When faced with such, are we not to be genuinely afraid?

Interesting questions, one must admit and we would address the fundamental issue today so you have a firm grasp of why it is unhelpful to be afraid.

Yesterday we addressed the issue of faith, being that it is action based on belief. That is to say, it is action based on our belief that something would go in a certain way. And that’s how we create our reality. So please tell, how is that different from fear?

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Is fear not also action based on belief? Think about it for a moment. Of course it is. It is also action based on a belief that something would go in a certain way. Some argue that it is action based on belief that something won’t go right. True. This is why I always ask, if fear is action based on belief that something won’t go right, does it not mean it is action based on belief that something would go in a certain other way? 😆

Faith and Fear are fundamentally the same principles. Every time we express fear that things won’t go right, we are expressing belief that they would go in a certain other way. That’s also faith: Action based on belief.

Now you see why we don’t need to act in fear? It is because when we do, we are creating a reality that we don’t need. Faith is to create a positive reality. Fear is not create a negative reality. Fear is unhelpful because it also corrodes and saps creativity and innovation. Faith takes you forward. Fear keeps you bound, restrained and constrained.

‘Fear not’ also means ‘Have Faith!’ That’s how it should be viewed. Take action in line with your noble aspirations. Believe for the very best and move forward in creating your reality. It is faith that expands our world. It is faith that drives innovation. Faith is action based on belief that things would be better. Fear is action based on belief in the opposite of that, including casting doubts about things going right.

So, like the Bible enjoins us to fear not 365 days in the year, I commend you today to also have faith 365 days in a year. Have faith. It is impossible (not possible) to please God (to get his approval on anything) without faith. That’s what the Bible says and I verily agree.

Life is spiritual. Faith is what helps us advance in the realm of the Spirit in capturing realities with our imaginations (spiritual eye) and taking action to create them. Once telephones were wired and fixed to locations. Then some folks saw with their spiritual eye the possibility of making them wireless and mobile, and believed in that possibility enough that they got the solutions to create that reality. How else does the world advance, if not by faith?

Faith is not a religious ‘something’, it is part and parcel of the life we are to live as spiritual rather than religious beings. Use your imagination. Believe for possibility. The solutions will come because you believe. Act on them and yeah! Create your reality. Live by faith and live happy and fulfilled. Otherwise…

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