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Extra gate raised at Onitsha Head Bridge, allows only Indigenes

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Sudden Inflow of Almajiris into Southern Nigeria has created tension in the region, an additional gate cutting off the Head Bridge at Onitsha Anambra State has been raised.

In a few seconds video that has gone viral on social media and obtained by SCANNEWS24 shows a number of individuals mounted around the Onitsha bridge.

According to reports, those stationed are mandated to filter between Indigenes and Non-indigenes coming into the Southern states.

Gathered report disclosed that those who are not indigene are quietly disallowed while native of the land are allowed to have way in.

This sensitivity of insecurity is appearing a month later multiple lorries, trucks, others carrying unknown persons suspected to be Almajiris, were accosted heading into both West, South, and East respectively despite total lockdown issued by both states’ governors.

Insinuations continued to unfold that those entering these states could be mistaken to be Almajiris instead of members of the dreaded Militias, Boko Haram terrorists hosting pending attack.

However, Igbo groups, state governors within the South have risen eyebrows, instructed no further vehicle or individuals be allowed through the boundaries into their states including Rivers, Ebonyi, Anambra, Enugu, and others.

Meanwhile, the leader of IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has floated several cellphone numbers majorly coded to Australia, urged members and members of the public to send in alert signal if see or feel any unusual movement in the southern region.

Kanu said no intruder will be allowed entrance into the region in bid to hurt any further evil plans on Biafrans.


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