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EXPOSED: Media Shut Off As Twin Bomb Exploded In Ebonyi – Report

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David Umahi’s led government has been accused of keeping mute as twin bombast rocks the state over the weekend.

Member of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Directorate of State, Chinasa Nworu said in a media post on Sunday.

He expressed worry that the bomb went off in Abakakili last week Sunday yet no national media could write about it, however, noted DSS has been investigating the incident to date.

In his words: Biafrans are you all aware there was a twin bomb blast in Abakaliki last week Sunday? and the DSS are still investigating it till now without making it public because Dave Umahi ordered them not to make it public not- minding for reasons best known to him.

Nworu suspected the bomb was initially targeted at traders in a market but was accidentally picked off by evacuation trucks at a dumpsite where it finally went off by night.

He continued: “the blast happened off Nkaliki at the dustbin dump It was a time bomb planted in a market in Abakaliki to detonate at a future time fortunately waste environmental evacuation truck took it away to dumpsite at Nkaliki and they were very fortunate its time for explosion hadn’t reached when they evacuated the dustbin.

So around 12pm the same Sunday the bomb exploded and destroyed all houses around the place.

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Pointedly noted the situation was acknowledged by security operatives but decided to hide it from the public hearing.

“The incident was confirmed by DSS but instructed that it should not be made public. The dump site is at Igwe Okpu.

He urged to go for verification as the location is not hidden, including remnants from the destroyed buildings, adding residents at the state assembly complex knew about it.

“The place is verifiable and the buildings destroyed are there for anyone to check

Even people close to Ebonyi state House of Assembly when it exploded last Sunday, heard it and people rushed out around that vicinity but could not understand what happened.

He, therefore, urged dwellers in the East (Biafrans) to be on alert, saying the group knows the people behind the bomb.

“Up till now they have refused to inform the public what happened, we know those who plant bombs in Nigeria and I urge every Biafran resident in Biafraland and Nigeria to always be on alert.


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