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EXPOSED: Man uncovers dangerous rubber substance used as Kilishi meat (Watch)

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Just when Nigerians are finding it difficult to survive the itching and biting harsh economy, a man uncovers shocking dangers that surround the Hausa/Fulani brand of product popularly called Kilishi.

kilishi is another version of popular roasted meat named Suya or Jerky that gained its origination from Housaland it is largely made from deboned cows, goat or sheep meat, sliced and dried for public consumption majorly in Africa.

In a retrieved clip made available to #Scannews24, the young man (name not disclosed) appears to be at his early forty, warned the general public on continued purchase and consumption of the meat which has found its way in some supermarkets.

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Taking a convincing practical analysis of his finding, the man put a number of the dried meat in the bowel and soaked it with boiled water. Gradually washed off the ingredients coated on the surface.

A rubber substance (similar to a balloon), he claimed, is criminally used in place of the supposed meat, then added other cooking items like Maggi, pepper, salt to make it taste good and afterward transport it South from the Northern part of Nigeria.

He advised staying away from the acclaimed branded meat or better still desist from consuming it. Continued intake of the Kilishi may lead to severe health challenges or death.

However, we expect the Standard Organization of Nigeria, NADAF, and security agencies to quickly swing into action to ascertain desperate individuals are not dubiously indulging in the act. Watch Video


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