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EXPOSED! Gov’t branded Helicopter spotted in Yoruba forest, chased by vigilantes (Watch)

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Just when security challenges rock virtually every part of the country, a Nigerian branded Helicopter has been spotted in a Yoruba Forest.

The Helicopter was recorded over a minute in the unspecified location engaging in an unsure activity.

Some group of young men believed to be vigilantes ran after the helicopter while taping it from far, shockingly on sighting the group flew out.

The security youths, picturing the strange activity placed a call for a backup, unfortunately, could not apprehend the suspect(s).

However, insinuation has started circulating the helicopter could be engaging insurgents operational in the area.

Recall suspicion and conspiracy has for long placed the government on the watch to be among key sponsors of the rampaging armed Herdsmen destroying lives and properties in various Nigerian communities.

The suspicion has heightened since an Islamic Cleric, Prof Gumi sheikh started projecting amnesty for terrorists, bandits disturbing most Northern communities.

The federal government had since defended Gumi’s activities as Nigerians call to arrest and probe into sudden connection with the terrorists having visited them severally in their hideouts.

Gumi suggests granting, and positively engaging the insurgents would radically cause them to turn a new leaf. But prominent citizens including opinion molders have bemoaned the call, says Gumi knows more about criminals. Watch

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