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EXPOSED! End Of The Road For Nigeria As EU, Britain, US Declares Stand (Video)

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Tension as world powers pulled out from Nigeria’s disturbing security problems after a call to assist internal troops tame insurgency.

A clip made available to #Scannews24 contains a revealing statement by a member of House on the Rock that disclosed shocking secrets.

The leading pastor of a Pentecostal Church, House on the Rock, Paul Adefarasin has earlier during most of his sermons expressed worries of Nigeria’s unending problems adding the country may not take another turn of an election with the same existing constitution.

Speaking his prayers into reality, a church member, who is also a lawyer and activist (name not mentioned) took to the stage confirming reports from the international community deciding on a solution to the country’s issues.

The Lawyer noted to had retrieved and listened to several clips of resolutions from Britain, the European Union, and the United States to the government of Nigeria.

He pointed out that the President, due to increased safety issues across states, requested assistance from the international body.

Unfortunately, both countries declined to give safety support (relocating military base to Africa and aiding fighters with hard weapons) rather advised Nigeria to look inward for a final solution to her security challenges.

This is coming earlier last week president Mohammadu Buhari in a virtual conference with the new US Secretary of State, requested the country created military base in Africa against fight terrorism. a


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