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EXPOSED: Army Aiding Fulanis Kidnapping in Southeast – CSP Johnbull(Video)

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Just when Nigerians have expressed bitterness, pain, and unrest over the ongoing security challenges in Nigeria mainly in the Southern region, a high-ranked police officer exposes the complicity of the force in criminality and terrorism.

The Police personnel, CSP Johnbull, commander of Rapid Respond Squad Abia State, while addressing protestors in the area, Oji, based on the commissioner’s order revealed that Fulanis are behind the various kidnapping.

The rampaging armed Fulanis, according to the CSP, target the travelers and residents of the villages.

He noted that proceeds from the kidnapping are further spent at Karki, army Barack by the kidnappers.

Johnboo however, remarked that the army, Police are complicit in their job, not doing anything to stop the Fulanis.

In his words briefly: “My name is CSP Johnbull. I’m the commander of Rapid Respond Squad, Abia State. I was sent here by the commissioner of police two days ago to come and see the people of this oji do away with all these kidnappers – the Fulanis who’re kidnapping our people.

“Our people that are coming home they’re kidnapping them and we’re not happy about it.

“Yesterday night I sent my men to Karki/Conto Market, they go there to spend the money. They kidnap our people they collect ransom they go to the market and spend it there.

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“The army is not helping us.

Reacting to this, the lead lawyer to embattled IPOB leader, Barr. Ifeanyi Ejiofor condemned the act and called for a thorough investigation.

“We are now calling on the Inspector General of Police, the Director-General of State Security Services, and the Chief of Army Staff to immediately Investigate the complicity of Nigerian Soldiers heavily indicted in the endless kidnapping going on in South East.

Enough is Enough!

For How long can this be allowed to go on?

Our land must be rescued!

Terrorist Fulani Herdsmen on Rampage!
He expressed shock the revelation was made by a man who is not of Igbo extraction.

“Now, a very high ranking Police Officer who is even not of Igbo extraction is narrating his ordeal to the protesters and you will tell me that all is well.!


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