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EXPOSE: 9 out of 25 LGs in Delta State are Igbos, Native elder delve deep into history (Video)

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Following continued assertion by some Nigerians of South-South extraction that states in the region have no Igbo people and would not be carved into Biafra, an Indigenous man, Chief Silva Ebigwei, has made deep clarification.

Chief Ebigwei who was stressing in a viral clip delivered to #Scannews24 has given a contrary claim indicating Delta State is majorly occupied and owned by native Igbo people.

The Chief noted that Delta has twenty-five local governments, with three senatorial districts, having Isokoand Irobo in Delta-Central (eight LGs).

Then Delta-South has eight local governments with Ijaw and Ishikiri people in them. While remaining nine local governments are occupied by Igbos which shows the people have the largest LGA in the state.

He expressed worries why some names of the people in South-South states would have initials like ‘Chi’ prefix and still claim not to be of Igbo origin.

Meanwhile, Biafra agitator, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, had revealed that there has been pressure on him to accept five states in the Southeast for Biafra.

Kanu who tweeted a few weeks ago noted that major parts of the south-eastern states were carved into other neighbouring states and makes no sense to leave the occupants behind.

However, President Mohammedu Buhari had warned his administration will not any group calling for a separate country from Nigeria. Watch

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