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Ethiopia Referendum: Nnamdi Kanu urges Nigeria to borrow a leaf

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Mazi Nnamdi KanuThe leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra has expressed worries why the Nigerian government finds it difficult to borrow a leaf from other democratic nations conducting a referendum in their countries.

In a message on his official Facebook post on Friday, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu accused the Nigerian media of portraying the call for referendum as a call for war just to please Abba Kyari and people he described as Fulani Cabals in Aso Rock.

Expressing further, the IPOB leader said even in 2019, the referendum process that had guided the successful separation of many civilized nations still appears difficult to Nigerians to comprehend.

He said the poor education system in Nigeria is behind the poor approach to the call by IPOB to conduct a peaceful referendum.

In his words: “As Ethiopia conducts Referendum in its Sidama region, one is reminded of a similar UN-supervised referendum through which Adamawa became part of Nigeria and Ambazonia a region of Cameroun. Today in the ahistorical Zoological Republic of Nigeria, any demand for a referendum has deemed a call for war. Why? Because Nigerian media portrays it as such out of fear to please the all-conquering brutal and murderous Abba Kyari regime in Aso Rock and the rest of the ruling illiterate terror-sponsoring Fulani Cabal.‬”

“The same referendum process that has for centuries guided the civilised union or separation of nations is too difficult for an average Nigerian in 2019 to comprehend. Yet some people claim there is a viable system of education in Nigeria. Very laughable indeed!”

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