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Enjoy your Coronation, you deserve it’ – Omokri mock Northern leaders for betraying Jonathan

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Formal Aide to Ex-president Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri has Mocked Northern leaders for shunning Almajiri Schools built by the then President.

Omokri reaction came weeks later some Northern governors engaged in repatriating non-indigenous Almajiris residing in their states.

According to them, the children who walk about hunting for food and alms poses great danger amidst spreading Coronavirus, described them as spread agents.

The Nigeria-UK based Pastor and Author shared a post in his official Facebook page noted that despite Jonathan built and furnished 165 Almajiri Schools, including Malam’s Quarters, voted for President Mohammadu Buhari.

He said they thereafter abandoned the schools and kicked the children back to the street.

Omokri, the self-acclaimed ‘Buhari Tormentor’ blamed the Northern elites for their ill decision to had rejected the schools and voting Jonathan out.

In what appears as mocking, he said most places the immediate past president built the schools strange deaths of Almajiris are recorded just as the majority are being infected and loitering streets.

“you are complaining of ’strange deaths’ in almost all the cities were Jonathan built the schools. Who should you blame now that coro is corroding you? said they thought to be doing Jonathan but not knowing they were doing themselves.

Meanwhile, series of buses, lorries reportedly accosted heading to Southern region both Lagos state.

Most of the vehicles were filled up with Almajiris disguised to Salt, cows and other notable items into the states.

However, the Kaduna State governor, in a video interaction during Channels Television Political Programme last week, said the Almajiri system is abolished in the northern region.

Nasri El-Rufai revealed that the children will be engaged back to the formal education system, adding that the decision was reached after a series of indoor meeting the state governors.

He affirmed that no going back as the Islamic system has not yielded any economic benefits to Nigeria and remains a danger to the country.

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